A Private Encyclopaedia

by The Jesus Cleaver

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Based in Brisbane, Australia, The Jesus Cleaver is the creative vehicle of singer/songwriter John P Shea. The debut album, "A Private Encyclopaedia", features local special guests including "[3]" on bass guitar, and backing vocalists Angie Draper and Tanya Quinlan.

The band have combined vivid and emotive lyrics with a lush, beautifully disturbing atmosphere to confound easy genrification. Employing electronic and classical elements in their music, The Jesus Cleaver maintain a definitive musical edge with driving percussion and infectious bass lines. This concentration of moods is the expression of a dark alternative band decidedly out of place in the sub-tropical climes of "the Sunshine State".

From fast-paced, bass-heavy tracks to quirky and irreverent, to devastating emotionalism, The Jesus Cleaver explore a broad range of sounds and styles, with a dark romantic theme underscoring the ten original tracks on the debut album.


released May 18, 2010

Written and produced by John P Shea.
Vocals: John P Shea
Backing Vocals: Angie Draper, Tanya Quinlan (Track 6)
Bass Guitar: John P Shea (Tracks 3, 8, 9, 10), [3] (Tracks 1,2)
Electric Guitar: John P Shea (Tracks 2, 3, 4, 8)
Keyboards and Percussion (Programming, Live Performance, Samples): John P Shea
Additional Location Recordings: John P Shea (Track 1, Beach at Sunshine Coast; Track 4, Changing of the Guard at Prague Castle; Track 10, Bats inside Capricorn Caves)
Additional Arrangements: Bass Guitar: [3] (Tracks 1, 2, 9, 10), Backing Vocals: Tanya Quinlan (Track 6)
Additional Music: Traditional (Track 4 Introduction)


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The Jesus Cleaver Brisbane, Australia

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Track Name: Please Replia

Like birds in a puddle
I bathe in your sickness
And the water falls down
And covers me in the thought of you
And I'm waiting to cry

I climb up higher
Always the wrong way
So I fall into nothing
And hope I can stay

The rain flows out of me
Killing the ants on me
I drown them in blood lost down to the floor
And the water falls down
And covers me in the memory of you

I call to your heart
Calling to nobody
Alone in the air
Your voice is brought to me
Oh please

Please, oh please
Please Replia
Please Replia

Please Replia
I cannot escape you
Please Replia
Track Name: Vulnerable To Falling

It looks so well on you
But I'm not a well boy
Knew it so perfectly
That deepest memory
That keeps me cold beneath my skin

Touch me and whisper
At last I hear your voice
In the final silent breath
And stay like this forever

Time has changed your skin
But nothing has changed my heart
I'm vulnerable to falling

And the hand in hand
I pray for sedation
And nothing is within

I'm vulnerable to falling
Track Name: Luscious

My heart, an hourglass

Kiss for an empty table
Kiss for the masquerade

The lost time
The last words ever spoken
Were yours

Your luscious broken eyes

The last time
But it never ends

Your voice, my blood and I
Fall like a city on melting ice

Into your...

To the end
One more kiss

Now words are an enemy
My whole army's now disarmed

The cold things feel the same
And all the words mean nothing

The only place to hide

Your luscious broken eyes

Into your...

Leave you with nothing
I have nothing more to give

(Twist like sin
I lost something
I lost myself)

Into your
Track Name: Oh Darling

Oh darling
Oh darling
Oh darling
I've seen
The end
That must come
Track Name: Idol

Track Name: Rend

For the fruit of the tree she came
To gather the fallen ones
And as she cried for victory
The dead lay all around

And in her arms the chosen lay
In her arms the chosen stayed

"We'll waste no time"
She breathed,
"We'll never weep for them
"But let them rest
"And we will meet again"

"We'll never sleep
"We'll never weep
"We'll never breathe again
"But let them rest
"And we will meet again"

January and winter passed
All this time alone
To never hear that sound again
To never see you lost again
To never be so close again
I would sell the world to misery
And give them even more
Track Name: Antecedents

You wouldn't come out
So I had to tear you
And you make the strangest shapes
Of blood upon my pillow
And I held your pieces in my hand
I waited for you to tell everything

The only time that scent is noticed
Is when you get it on my skin
And is this alright to wear today?
I knew I would like you
If you had to get entangled
So get down into your water

You burn like a strawberry
Just like that in my mouth
And skin so white and clear
And the door was closed
But everything was there

Your clothes have disappeared
Into the floor, into the room
And we kiss to stay alive

"How does that feel?"

Your clothes have disappeared
Into the floor, into the room
And we breathe to stay alive

"How does that feel?"
Track Name: Ascension

You were in my water
A needle through my skin
A towel and a telephone
But we were not alone

And things were nearer
When you were clearer

And moonlight faces
Remember swinging places
In this encyclopaedia of you

The silence shared
I watch you sleep
From above your bed
Your precious beauty left unbled

And things were clearer
When you were nearer

And the doors were open
The slowly broken
In this encyclopaedia of you

The words unspoken
The passion lost
For the things I fought
Left with you my only thought

The last things left quite pleasantly
Ending always more fatally

So promise things that never end
Leave me with presents I'll never send
Track Name: Still Life Swimming

Still life swimming
Heart movement dimming
Fear is floating
Through the rivers of my mind

Some unknown pressure
Is squeezing it through
And the one thing on my mind tonight
Is what remembers you

Like a hundred hundred cups of tea
You were swirling
You were dreaming
Through what was then called me

And I was living
When I was on your mind
And I was diving into life
Instead of dying
Track Name: Do Something For Me

And we get old
And you get old

Wither and die
You will wither and die

With nothing delivered
With nothing achieved

Do something for me
Do something for me

Burn all the stars
Boil every sea

For a certain remembrance
Will never leave me

Do something for me
Do something for me

Into the sea of my arms she will fall
Into the sea of my arms she will fall

For her ship will be lost
Into the sea of my world

Do something for me
Do something for me